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About our company - FLAI Trasporti e Servizi

About Us
The FLAI was born on May 20, 2005 by a group of promoters, airport workers, who have felt the need to create a new aggregation of workers of eroporti Lombard, organized as independent Federation of Trade Unions.
Its purpose is to enrich the dialectic union to achieve synthesis unit's needs and the needs of workers.
The commitment of the members is to participate in activities according to their roles in the processes of the organization to identify the truth union as a balance of interests at stake because it is the main virtue of a social institution.
The guiding principles of the FLAI refer to the values of justice and freedom, democracy and trade union pluralism in the workplace.
The Association is non-denominational in nature, was carried out under the Italian Constitution which enshrines the right of workers to associate freely as long as the Statute of the Association is founded on a democratic basis.
The identity of the FLAI, such as Workers' Union, is expressed on four fundamental elements that represent the coordinates of its policy in the workplace: employee participation in the company's industrial policies, bargaining with employers for the parties the protection of the interests of workers, union autonomy from any political power and corporate solidarity between different groups of workers and between them and the other realities that make up a production system.
Gliassociati and, in particular trade union representatives, at all levels, in exercising their trade union role and ideally be supported politically by the concrete meaning of the retrieved identity elements.
The FLAI is for the culture of constructive dialogue with counterparts employers and other labor unions and pursues a policy Pro-Labor in the economic context of the air transport bearing in mind that the work is the fundamental dimension of man. Therefore, his action will always be given to the centrality of mental and physical health.
The FLAI is favorable to free airport services market, when it brings benefits to consumers, workers and the community, when it is respectful of the rules which guarantee the stability, job security and social cohesion. In short, the FLAI is for the market economy and not a market society.
The Association is pluralistic in terms of union, itself is in fact an experience of pluralism, but considers it essential, for more democracy in the workplace, workers have the right to form a trade union body unit, MSW, elected and always subject to verification directly by themselves.
The FLAI is a trade union organization leaner, without superstructures and bureaucracies, operates within the sediments airport with vertical bodies that are made up with elective criteria of the members.
The relationship between members is integral in the community of FLAI you practice the values of transparency and legality and breathe continuously moral sentiments of friendship and solidarity.